In 2006 we started as a small Dutch internet radio station, simply because there wasn't an internet radio station that played genres like Metal, Goth and Punk 24/7. As we started we, only played songs from well known bands with the above mentioned genres (like Within Temptation and Nightwish). But we grew and so did the requests from unknown/small new bands for some airplay on our station. We figured that those new bands could be the next generation bands so, we gave them airplay on our station.


Eleven years later we have growing to a world wide known internet radio station because of the social media (like Twitter, Facebook). That plays a variety of Metal, Goth and Punk and more, the mix between the popular bands and new bands creates a powerful volume for our station. The new bands get a daily spotlight so everyone can listen to them. Also with the new ability to create more then one playlist we can even have more variety. On the first of June 2013 we have changed our name to RPMC (Rock, Punk, Metal, Celtic) Radio. Diffrent name, same game. as we like to say.

The future:

We hope we can do even more for the new bands who can be the next generation.